About us

About us


Sarem Makina has been manufacturing Extrusion lines which are used for the production of plastic pipes. Sarem Makina has been offering its productive, high quality and secure turn-key projects by using the latest technologies with optimum cost to its customers.


Sarem Makina has been exporting its PP, PE, PVC and different types of pipe lines to many countries. The team members of our company have been continuously increasing their knowledge by giving importance to innovating technologies.


Sarem Makina has been manufacturing PP, PE, PPR-C and PVC pipe production lines, Natural Gas pipe production lines, PEX (Underfloor Heating) pipe production lines, Corrugated pipe production lines, Flat Drip and Round Drip Irrigation pipe production lines and Custom Made pipe production line projects requested by our esteemed customers.


Our R&D, Preparation of Project, Machining, Assembly Lines and Test Departments have been working in our Factory with its 7000 m2 closed area in Istanbul. Our company has been strictly following the ‘’Zero Tolerance in Production’’ Principle. As a result of this Principle we follow, our Esteemed Customers have been getting production lines with ZERO problems.

Sarem Group of Companies operates in the following areas;
Plastic Pipe Machinery
Plastic Fittings Patterns
Film Production Used in Plastic Pipe
Sarem Machine in a closed area of ​​1500 m2, Gercotec closed area of ​​1000 m2, Sarmold operates in 800 m2 closed area.
Sarem it totally customer orders in the machine direction, is engaged in the production of customer-specific institution.
I Sarem Group experienced engineers in the field of plastic pipe with plastic pipe industry and the dynamic structure is capable of responding to all requests.
If you have a project on plastic pipes görüşelim point, you let us integrated solutions.
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